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What They're Saying About
The Future Jew

"A noble, thoughtful, and surprisingly successful effort at pointing the way to a Judaism without God."

Mark Phillips
CBS News
London, England

"Michael Carin asks what there is to learn from the Holocaust. What he finds will anger many Jews, and embolden others. His book is a clean and thoughtful explanation of how the memory of the Holocaust can best be honored by striking out in a new Jewish direction. The lesson of the Holocaust is no less than the prescription for the survival of Jewish thought and values, demanding of us the courage to forge an authentic Secular Judaism from the theistic chains of the past."

Dennis P. Geller, Ph.D.
Congregation Kahal B'raira
Society for Humanistic Judaism
Boston, Mass

"This book takes the horrendous Holocaust event and uses it as the foundation to create a 'Future Jew' who is not a victim, but rather a warrior against injustice and tyranny. Michael Carin's 'Future Jew' does not depend on salvation from supernatural or outside sources but becomes the instrument not only of the Jewish people's redemption but of tikkun olam, the repair of the world for all humanity."

Eva Goldfinger
Madrikha/Spiritual Leader
Oraynu Congregation for Humanistic Judaism
Toronto, Ontario

"Michael Carin's arguments are compelling and his conclusions inescapable. His elegant writing has created a wrenching Holocaust Haggadah that is more moving and penetrating than any religious ceremony could be."

Judith Seid
Sr. Leader
Baltimore Jewish Cultural Chavurah
Towson, Maryland

"This book sings to me about my secular Judaism."

Dan Kaminsky
Past President, Jewish Cultural Society
Ann Arbor, Michigan

"The Future Jew is a thought provoking, challenging argument for humanistic atheism as the only adequate response to the Holocaust. Carin believes that the role of the Jews now is to lead humanity away from reliance on the centrality of God and toward reason and human agency. His book belongs on the curricula of courses, and it will surely enliven many discussion groups!"

Nancy Shiffrin
Program Chair, Society for Humanistic Judaism
Los Angeles, California

"Michael Carin is such a clear and provocative writer that his new book, The Future Jew, is going to create a sensation."

June Callwood
Writer and Broadcaster
Toronto, Ontario